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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last of The Eight Syllables

No photos. I don't take photos when I'm perturbed.

HEADS UP:::::Now, Kodi and I have a 7AM flight. Jackie and Nady have a 10:30 flight. But we catch the same flight to Dallas - huh? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. One taxi instead of two was decided before we left Isla. I didn't want to take any chances catching the 5:30AM ferry, then make the mad dash to the airport for the 7AM flight.

By Jove, I think it's time to wake up - it's 4:30AM and we head for the airport in an hour. Home to the real world. Like any of us want to return to work. Nady, Jackie and Kodi are missing their daughters. I'm missing my island. I know what is waiting for me at home - reality can kiss my NBA at this particular time (NBA=Natural Black A@$). Already in a mood and I haven't been up ten minutes.

I showered and packed the night before while my Chica's were snoring. Sounded like The Three Stooges - I couldn't sleep more than thirty minutes. NIGHTMARES of heading to Mexico City - stomach tied in knots - my hair ready to fall out. It wasn't going to be a pretty day. Flight at 7AM - we'd make it home by 8PM. That is the LAST TIME I WAIT FOR ANYONE TO TRAVEL WITH and I'll be boiled in hog spit before I go through Mexico City again. Are you catching my vibe here?

There were two dudes sleeping on the couches outside our room - should we wake them? Naw, they made it this far without our help - let's hope they make their flights and pray they don't have to catch ours.

The best thing about this day would be our Taxi Driver from yesterday waiting for us outside the hotel promptly at 5:15AM. I knew he would be early so I went downstairs and thanked him for returning. Then I went back upstairs to gather the Chica's. No time for coffee or breakfast. But there was time to kiss all of David Beckham's photos. Nady and I left a big smooch on the giant one over the beds!!

The ride to the airport was peaceful, the traffic already starting as so many of us had to make that early flight. As we left our hotel we saw various twenty-something's knocked out on the benches along the hotel zone. Spring Break is OVA - wake up!!!

We arrive at the airport by 6:15AM - hair around our ears as our driver was breaking the speed barrier and waving at the cops along the way. Huge tip and an Adios and we were on our way.
Kodi and I sucked down a smoke in 45 seconds and headed into the cattle throng. Must have been 500 people in line for our flight - our plane holds 350. Find that some folks missed their 6AM flight, got bumped to ours and more got bumped to Nady & Jackie's flight which meant they missed or will miss their connections. HEY- that couple in front of us look familiar!! We saw them on Wednesday on MOTOS and they dined at Mango cafe when we did. They missed their flight, will have to do an O.J. through the Mexico City Airport for a connection that may or may not be there when they arrive. Then they have a four hour drive to get to their dorms and school the next day. Bummer Dude and Dudette.

As for the four of us - we parted company with hugs and kisses and would meet up in Mexico City - - maybe.

The next few hours I don't want to talk about. I'm hungry, cranky, don't want to be bothered.

tick tock - tick tock

Mexico City Airport - - - does anyone know where our gate is? No and no and no and no and on and on and on. I am pissy now - Kodi is dealing with my 'tude as best she can. I grab some peanuts for breakfast as we are running from one end of the airport to the other looking for our Mystery Gate. A good looking Gay Guy with Grey Eyes driving the Indoor Golf Cart tried to help us as best he could. Never did find it. So we just picked a spot, sat down and I brooded while Kodi was on her laptop trying to find where the hell we were supposed to be. With my brain on DRAIN, I lucked out and asked a guy behind a plate glass window where our flight was. He pointed to where we were sitting and said wait there. So we wait.................................

...and strutting like they just had a massage from a Greek God are Nady and Jackie - they arrived before we did, found the gate in minutes and had been WINDOW SHOPPING while Kodi and I were running around like lunatics. Ain't that the way? We're on the same flight for the next leg of the trip although we are all scattered around the plane...fine with me - I am not likable, huggable right now. "Migraine at three o'clock" and it's a bitch of a doozy and it's not even eleven yet.

Some chick in black six inch heels is about to break her ankle cuz the junk in her trunk isn't swaying the way she's trying to make it. Her OLD MAN boyfriend doesn't seem to mind, neither do the men who are supposed to be checking bags, tickets and passengers.

Speaking of being checked, they call us for LINE UP. We line up. They look us over - Nady and Six Inch Heels are sitting down. They get called for a body search - may as well have them stripped down the way they were fondling their zippers, under arms, breasts and so forth. Nady was embarrassed but she would be the first one on the plane (she had to wait in the "tunnel" until the pilots arrived). At least let her sit in first class for a minute. So the plane was gonna be late as well. Shoot me now, give me a Zan-ex or three shots of the best tequila ya got.

Boarded the plane that was sweltering. Waited for the Pilots. Air Hostesses were bitchy, eye rolling and No Comprendo Engleesh and drinks would be served in flight. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - is this day ever going to end. I try with all my heart to recapture that Isla Mojo. That Mojo is no mo'.

The rest is a blur cuz I tried to nod out, look out the window, become invisible.

We are now serving drinks - just give me a cup of ice to rub on my forehead.

Kodi is up front talking to whomever, the other two are in the row in front of me knoshing on a $5 can of Pringles.

We are now landing at DFW - thank you for...yada yada yada....

Kodi had her friend Jeff (i think) meet her at the airport. We waved goodbye and she was off telling him of our fabulous vacation (not counting today I pray).

Since the rest of us live within half a mile of each other, we are heading home with Jackie driving. BRRRRRR - did it snow while we were away? Yes. And we're in summer wear. Figures. We stand outside huddled int he blankets that Nady & Jackie brought waiting for the bus to take us to Remote Parking. 30 minutes later and we are thawing out on the bus. Ten after that we are paying $69US (Jackie asked if they take pesos) and we are off for the hour ride home. Thank you for driving Jackie - I wouldn't have been surprised if they left me on the bus.

I'm not social in the backseat - I'm thinking of my bed, the tequila that is on the counter and the fact that vacation is truly over...and so, sadly, happily, fingers worn, is The Tale of the Eight Syllables.


It was a FABULOUS VACATION excluding the trip home which was miserable beyond belief. I have learned that I need two cups of coffee, an Isla breakfast, four smokes, a chocolate bar, a Stephen King or J.K. Rowlings novel and Japones for the flight home.

I appreciate you all bearing with me - yes it took a year to write but only one out of four have written the tale. I wouldn't change a thing about our trip, the HEAP that broke down, Nady forgetting "FRIDAY", Jackie hollering "MY MOJITO", Kodi being Kodi (LOVE YOU!!), Rum and Pineapple with Robert - Raquel running with her purse and the van running -Mango Cafe - the Lime in the Coconut song - St. Patty's - oh yeah baby - one fun day on the beach - the Panty Tree - Arturo, Allan and Sergio - that marvelous Shell House and all the tidbits that made this an awesome Spring Break.

Love to my New Islaholic Kodi, fall in love with Isla to Nady and Jackie and I love you Isla Mujeres. I love you.

The Eight Syllables. Mission accomplished.


  1. Thanks for the belly laughs Catz!! You write great!! ha

  2. Bowing -dreadlocks skimming the carpet - thank you, thank you!!

    I love it when "my readers" laugh out loud, snort soda from their noses or cuddle with their Kindle and a glass of wine to read my adventures. Again, I humbly bow!

    Gearing up for She Sighs Blog!!

  3. Thank you so much for taking us along on the end of your trip. I know I pestered you to finish but you did it! From all of your readers I thank you again!

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