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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last of The Eight Syllables

No photos. I don't take photos when I'm perturbed.

HEADS UP:::::Now, Kodi and I have a 7AM flight. Jackie and Nady have a 10:30 flight. But we catch the same flight to Dallas - huh? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. One taxi instead of two was decided before we left Isla. I didn't want to take any chances catching the 5:30AM ferry, then make the mad dash to the airport for the 7AM flight.

By Jove, I think it's time to wake up - it's 4:30AM and we head for the airport in an hour. Home to the real world. Like any of us want to return to work. Nady, Jackie and Kodi are missing their daughters. I'm missing my island. I know what is waiting for me at home - reality can kiss my NBA at this particular time (NBA=Natural Black A@$). Already in a mood and I haven't been up ten minutes.

I showered and packed the night before while my Chica's were snoring. Sounded like The Three Stooges - I couldn't sleep more than thirty minutes. NIGHTMARES of heading to Mexico City - stomach tied in knots - my hair ready to fall out. It wasn't going to be a pretty day. Flight at 7AM - we'd make it home by 8PM. That is the LAST TIME I WAIT FOR ANYONE TO TRAVEL WITH and I'll be boiled in hog spit before I go through Mexico City again. Are you catching my vibe here?

There were two dudes sleeping on the couches outside our room - should we wake them? Naw, they made it this far without our help - let's hope they make their flights and pray they don't have to catch ours.

The best thing about this day would be our Taxi Driver from yesterday waiting for us outside the hotel promptly at 5:15AM. I knew he would be early so I went downstairs and thanked him for returning. Then I went back upstairs to gather the Chica's. No time for coffee or breakfast. But there was time to kiss all of David Beckham's photos. Nady and I left a big smooch on the giant one over the beds!!

The ride to the airport was peaceful, the traffic already starting as so many of us had to make that early flight. As we left our hotel we saw various twenty-something's knocked out on the benches along the hotel zone. Spring Break is OVA - wake up!!!

We arrive at the airport by 6:15AM - hair around our ears as our driver was breaking the speed barrier and waving at the cops along the way. Huge tip and an Adios and we were on our way.
Kodi and I sucked down a smoke in 45 seconds and headed into the cattle throng. Must have been 500 people in line for our flight - our plane holds 350. Find that some folks missed their 6AM flight, got bumped to ours and more got bumped to Nady & Jackie's flight which meant they missed or will miss their connections. HEY- that couple in front of us look familiar!! We saw them on Wednesday on MOTOS and they dined at Mango cafe when we did. They missed their flight, will have to do an O.J. through the Mexico City Airport for a connection that may or may not be there when they arrive. Then they have a four hour drive to get to their dorms and school the next day. Bummer Dude and Dudette.

As for the four of us - we parted company with hugs and kisses and would meet up in Mexico City - - maybe.

The next few hours I don't want to talk about. I'm hungry, cranky, don't want to be bothered.

tick tock - tick tock

Mexico City Airport - - - does anyone know where our gate is? No and no and no and no and on and on and on. I am pissy now - Kodi is dealing with my 'tude as best she can. I grab some peanuts for breakfast as we are running from one end of the airport to the other looking for our Mystery Gate. A good looking Gay Guy with Grey Eyes driving the Indoor Golf Cart tried to help us as best he could. Never did find it. So we just picked a spot, sat down and I brooded while Kodi was on her laptop trying to find where the hell we were supposed to be. With my brain on DRAIN, I lucked out and asked a guy behind a plate glass window where our flight was. He pointed to where we were sitting and said wait there. So we wait.................................

...and strutting like they just had a massage from a Greek God are Nady and Jackie - they arrived before we did, found the gate in minutes and had been WINDOW SHOPPING while Kodi and I were running around like lunatics. Ain't that the way? We're on the same flight for the next leg of the trip although we are all scattered around the plane...fine with me - I am not likable, huggable right now. "Migraine at three o'clock" and it's a bitch of a doozy and it's not even eleven yet.

Some chick in black six inch heels is about to break her ankle cuz the junk in her trunk isn't swaying the way she's trying to make it. Her OLD MAN boyfriend doesn't seem to mind, neither do the men who are supposed to be checking bags, tickets and passengers.

Speaking of being checked, they call us for LINE UP. We line up. They look us over - Nady and Six Inch Heels are sitting down. They get called for a body search - may as well have them stripped down the way they were fondling their zippers, under arms, breasts and so forth. Nady was embarrassed but she would be the first one on the plane (she had to wait in the "tunnel" until the pilots arrived). At least let her sit in first class for a minute. So the plane was gonna be late as well. Shoot me now, give me a Zan-ex or three shots of the best tequila ya got.

Boarded the plane that was sweltering. Waited for the Pilots. Air Hostesses were bitchy, eye rolling and No Comprendo Engleesh and drinks would be served in flight. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - is this day ever going to end. I try with all my heart to recapture that Isla Mojo. That Mojo is no mo'.

The rest is a blur cuz I tried to nod out, look out the window, become invisible.

We are now serving drinks - just give me a cup of ice to rub on my forehead.

Kodi is up front talking to whomever, the other two are in the row in front of me knoshing on a $5 can of Pringles.

We are now landing at DFW - thank you for...yada yada yada....

Kodi had her friend Jeff (i think) meet her at the airport. We waved goodbye and she was off telling him of our fabulous vacation (not counting today I pray).

Since the rest of us live within half a mile of each other, we are heading home with Jackie driving. BRRRRRR - did it snow while we were away? Yes. And we're in summer wear. Figures. We stand outside huddled int he blankets that Nady & Jackie brought waiting for the bus to take us to Remote Parking. 30 minutes later and we are thawing out on the bus. Ten after that we are paying $69US (Jackie asked if they take pesos) and we are off for the hour ride home. Thank you for driving Jackie - I wouldn't have been surprised if they left me on the bus.

I'm not social in the backseat - I'm thinking of my bed, the tequila that is on the counter and the fact that vacation is truly over...and so, sadly, happily, fingers worn, is The Tale of the Eight Syllables.


It was a FABULOUS VACATION excluding the trip home which was miserable beyond belief. I have learned that I need two cups of coffee, an Isla breakfast, four smokes, a chocolate bar, a Stephen King or J.K. Rowlings novel and Japones for the flight home.

I appreciate you all bearing with me - yes it took a year to write but only one out of four have written the tale. I wouldn't change a thing about our trip, the HEAP that broke down, Nady forgetting "FRIDAY", Jackie hollering "MY MOJITO", Kodi being Kodi (LOVE YOU!!), Rum and Pineapple with Robert - Raquel running with her purse and the van running -Mango Cafe - the Lime in the Coconut song - St. Patty's - oh yeah baby - one fun day on the beach - the Panty Tree - Arturo, Allan and Sergio - that marvelous Shell House and all the tidbits that made this an awesome Spring Break.

Love to my New Islaholic Kodi, fall in love with Isla to Nady and Jackie and I love you Isla Mujeres. I love you.

The Eight Syllables. Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Four thirty-five AM

If I can recall after my slow friendship with my tequila bottle, I crawled into that wonderful shower in Baby Shell and soaked up the last residue of Isla’s love.

My pillow hit me in the face before my eyes could close and I was lost in dreams of snorkeling with a giant tortilla chip and my trolls.

Two hours later…with my waking breathe all I could think to say was:


Sleep washed out of my eyes - can’t cry now – save those tears for that blasted ferry so I began to download yesterdays photos on Kodi’s laptop and made our final pot of coffee as my ladies could be heard packing. We gathered downstairs and hung out by the pool one last time and wondered as we did all week, where the time went and why didn’t we just “hang” by the pool for a few days. A great mystery to me…too much to do on Isla…next trip – we’ll just hang….and we all said “YEAH RIGHT!!”

Couldn’t tell you when we were leaving our island but for the most part we still had the golf cart for a few more hours. And we had to check in at our hotel in EWWW Cancun by 4PM. So that means we had had too many adult beverages last night to remember when Apache was picking up – think dammit, think……………………………………………2PM was it, thanks Tequila Shot! SO we needed to be back to The Shell by 1:30 – knowing Apache and Isla time, he would be there by 2:30 to scoop us up.

Ta Do List

We had clothes at Hortencia’s, I wanted them to see the Square by Morning Light, we needed to eat and of course, there were pesos to be spent. Nady wanted new sunglasses, Jackie and Kodi wanted jewelry and I needed to go to Adrian’s next to the Supermercado in town to download the photos I’d be taking this morning. And I haven’t had my Sandia Agua Fresca in a bag yet!!

We enjoyed seeing the island wake up as we rode into town – taking photos here and there – posing at places we enjoyed, yelling “Hola” to the Navy Soldiers we pass, there’s Beto at La Lomita and arrive downtown without a hitch. I’ve got a tight throat – I know what I am leaving behind and I’m not ready – I am never ready to leave. I DON'T WANNA GO”

Did we go back to Alexis and Giovanni’s – I don’t think so or did we (pissed off at remembering this part) yeah we did. I had the soup I think- the French Onion Soup that was smooth as silk, Nady & Jackie had Chorizo Papas again and I think Kodi ate half a burger. I don’t know – I’m pissed all over again (as of this writing) cuz in less than an hour, I will be on my way to the island jail.

Hortencia items picked up. Lunch consumed. Photos taken. We parked on the side of the road next to the town square – normally there are tons of cars, moped, carts along this curb – guess it’s too early for a crowd. Kodi, Nady & Jackie are on their way to shop for an hour as I go to Adrian’s to download. We’ll meet at the cart in an hour. I always use Adrian’s place – he knows I never take my memory card out and it drives him crazy! Hey – lost a memory card and jacked my camera in Grand Caymans removing my card for downloading – I know that guy traded out my card and jammed his in my camera - $400 to fix – so I don’t take my card out. So, within ten minutes, and I’m still waiting to get a computer to start my download when Kodi is back asking for the keys to the cart – puzzled I hand them over – there’s a policeman ready to haul the cart away if we don’t move it – so Kodi moves it to the La Pena parking lot. Seems you can’t park there anymore. News to me. I get the keys back and she’s off.

Here’s where I get pissy………

Adrian is not at the shop today.

Young Dude who THINKS he knows it all is running the place

He sees my computer not functioning

He asks for my card

Catz: NO!

Dude: I need your card.

Catz: NO! ! Where’s Adrian?

Dude: Not here – let me try to download for you this way.

STUPID ME hands over my camera and cord THINKING he is going to hook up the camera to the monitor.

Young Dude takes out my card and puts it into the monitor after I told him several times not to do that.

Young Dude tries this and that and takes the memory card to three other computers .


Finally, I see my photos of the last sunrise, this morning’s photos of leaving our house posing in front of the Shell House, a photo of Raquel and Robert, our ride into town, breakfast, Hortencia, us walking the Malecon Wall – FRICKIN’ DISAPPEAR BEFORE MY VERY EYES!!! POOF – Gone to oblivion.

Catz: What happened to my pictures – get my pictures back! (Volume turned to decibel 14 out of 20 and folks are looking at the Loco Gringa now)

Dude: No Senora – gone.

Catz: What in the name of all that is holy do you mean, gone. (I am standing over him now – he can probably see the hair growing from my nostrils I am all up in his face.)

Dude: Erased. (Cowering)

Catz: Erased from the computer?

Dude: No Senora, from your memory card.

I saw white. My temper had the best of me. My blood was boiling and I was ready to KILL.

You know in the Color Purple when Sophia (Oprah) closed her fist and knocked the shit out of Squeak at the Juke Joint? Well, my right hand was balling up. One lady on the left side of the space gathered her stuff and left. Two dudes were looking at me and Dude like a tennis game was going on. I asked one more time with my tone getting louder, my eyes starting to bulge and I am seeing beyond white – I am seeing red – murderous red. You don't jack around with a photographers photos.

Catz: Where... the hell... are my pictures and what are you going to do to get them back? Those are my vacation pictures. Do you not understand I can’t retake those shots?

Dude: I cannot get them back. I can’t do anything but say I am sorry.

Catz: You have thirty seconds to call Adrian, get my photos back, get me a new card, or I am going to knock your lights out. Do you understand – LIGHTS OUT? Three – two – o……

Kodi: Catz –CATZ!!! What’s going on.

SAVED BY KODI (dammit)!

I felt something in my mind snap and a hand on my arm. Jesus sent Kodi to save that boy. I truly would have beat the living hell out of him and gladly spend a day in jail. That can of Whoop Ass was cracked.

Dude tried to explain to Kodi in broken English and Spanish; fear and gratefulness in his voice what happened.

I was speechless for fear my words would bring me back into action. It was all I could do to control my fury. I have only been this mad once in my life – went to court, had to pay the “victim’s” medical bill.

I could not be consoled. I snatched my camera, cord and memory card from Dude and walked out. If I would have turned around, I would have knocked his beautiful teeth into the back of his throat - thus I did not turn around. The people in the shop let out a sigh of relief. I swore I would never go to that shop again. And I have kept that promise to this day. I bring my laptop and trust no man, woman or child with my camera. I am so thankful that I downloaded this morning or I would have lost all of Friday’s photos. I am still livid about losing this morning’s photos. LIVID.

I walk over to a bench in the square and sit. And stew. And smoke. And think. And pray. As I look at the statue of The Holy Mother, I forgave the Dude, not that he will ever know it cuz if I return and tell him I forgive him, I will have to repent for knocking his lights out.

And thus began new shots of the rest of our vacation. I’m still pissed...just so ya know...

I need a shot – of love, tequila and more tequila. I opt for the love of my Chica’s who are looking at me like – DAMN – never piss HER off!! Amen my Sista’s, Amen.

Thank you Mother more ways than one.....

Counted to 100. Had three smokes. I’m back on track. Shall we continue ladies?

They looked at me with a renewed interest. I’m fine, what brought ya’ll back so soon? Nady said it must have been divine intervention. To that I laughed til I cried.

I didn’t ruin the rest of the vacation – I just let it go – sa-whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiishhhhhhhhhhhhhh- there it goes. Isla has a way of not letting you stay mad for long.

Let’s get some juice in a baggie and blow this Popsicle.

Amazing what some watermelon juice in a baggie does for the soul. None of the girls wanted one – full from our late breakfast I guess. I wanted a Coconut Ice Cream Bar but I can’t hold a baggie of juice, a white thing on a stick, drive and look cool all at the same time – I’m working my way up to that.

No one wanted to drive – guess they are getting the Leaving Isla Blues, which is called LOVE, so I take us up the coast road one last time, getting passed by golf carts, dogs, people walking, babies crawling. It is agony for me to leave. Kodi is where I am. Nady and Jackie aren’t quite there- they need another trip to fall completely in love like Kodi and I. Which is cool, at least they are coming back…someday.

Our bags are looking forlorn at the front door – we are waiting for Apache. Robert and Raquel come over to say goodbye (for now) and we hug, kiss and promise to stay in touch.

Time is moving way too fast for those of us not wanting to leave and way too slowly for those of us trying to catch a ferry to Ewww Cancun. SCREEEEEEEEECH!! It’s Apache in his black pick-em-up-truck coming to take us away hahaheehee. As I relinquish the golf cart keys, Apache says” I’m so sorry, I was playing “futboll” on the beach and forgot about you”. At least the man is honest. He was covered in sand, hair tossed like it’s been in a hurricane, and musky (oh I love a musky sports man’s o-dwah).Gear tossed into the truck bed, three in back, I’m up front with Apache. Why are tears welling up in my eyes as we pull away from the Shell? If I look back I’m gonna ball like someone stole my last lick of lollipop. Apache has on some soothing Spanish Jazz and I melt into its rhythm. He’s got the AC on, I roll my window down anyway – one last whiff of ocean air.

Apache: Why you cry?

Catz: Love.

Kodi: Slow your roll – we wanna get one last look!!

Nady & Jackie: Silent- either from sleep deprivation or they might cry out loud because we are leaving. I think they are missing their girls/homesick and not in love with Isla yet (for shame – FOR SHAME!!) or they would be moist around the orbits.

Apache was talkative; I was a bit responsive and let Kodi carry the conversation until we reached the ferry dock. Damn ferry dock. Apache pulled into the parking lot next to the ferry and helped us unload our stuff. We tried to pay him for picking us up – he declined so we gave him hugs and cheek kisses instead. Off he went, me wishing I was heading south along with him. We purchased tickets - just missed the ferry (good!) and would wait at the bar for the next one. Sipping killer ‘Rita on the Rocks’, Kodi a Sol, Nady and Jackie – they are in their own world to which I don’t have a ticket to – they are a bit depressing. I don’t leave Isla depressed, just full of more love for her.

Shit – there’s the ferry and we gotta do that going home walk down the dock. But we’re heading to EWWW Cancun…so vacation technically isn’t over. Once we hit the other side of the bay it will be new territory for me. I’ll be up for the adventure, but until then, I feel my eyes welling up, the tequila bracing me for departure and I am fighting with my limbs to make that first step towards the ferry…“DAMMITALLTOHELLIDONTWANNAGOOOOOOOOO”

Luggage stowed downstairs - -I’m sitting in the middle seats – Kodi behind me, Nady and Jackie are seated together on the left side. Funny thing is, this will be the first ride “up top” for Nady and Jackie. They finally get it when the ferry crosses they bay, why I love the colors of the water here – how relaxing it is, the wind caressing your body, the music playing…..

Jorge (sweet Jorge who played for Kodi and I earlier in the week) smiled at me, asked if I was going home.  
 He saw my sadness.
Catz: Do you know Canta Corazon? 
Jorge: No but I play you this… 
…and I begin to cry…
Have to Say I Love You with a Song, Jim Croce.  
Well, I know it's kinda late, I hope I didn't wake you

What I gotta say can't wait, I know you'd understand

'Cause every time I tried to tell you, the words just came out wrong

So I'll have to say I love you, in a song

Yeah, I know it's kinda strange, every time I'm near you

I just run out of things to say, I know you'd understand

'Cause every time I try to tell you, the words just came out wrong

So I have to say I love you, in a song

'Cause every time the time was right all the words just came out wrong

So I'll have to say I love you, in a song

Yeah, I know it's kinda late, I hope I didn't wake you

But there's something that I just gotta say, I know you'd understand

Every time I tried to tell you, the words just came out wrong

So I'll have to say I love you, in a song

Kodi and I are BLUBBERING IDIOTS!! Where’s my snot rag? No shame in our tears, which we toss into the bay – passengers looking at us like we lost our best friend.

Don’t feel sorry for me, its love that I feel

My one place on earth where I always keep it real

Memories that linger and a love that will last

My heart belongs to Isla Mujeres, my future, today and my past….

Nady and Jackie look at us like we’ve fallen from Venus. They are not in love with Isla Mujeres, not yet.

As the ferry slows, I tip Jorge, kiss his cheek and head towards the stairs with one final look at my beloved in the distance.

I HATE seeing that blue and white tower when heading home. It’s like an enemy blowing raspberries at me. But what do you do? You blow raspberries back, get off the ferry, put your big girl panties back on, grab your luggage, head to the bano to get the last tears out of your eyes and the wad of snot out of your nose.

Snapping the elastic in my big girl panties, while Kodi exchanges her pesos to US, then back to pesos cuz the exchange rate sucked, Nady & Jackie were frantically trying to get their phones to work. No luck. I let them use mine – hey it’s still Mexico, 20 minutes of travel won’t make a difference (international phone bill two weeks later - $147).

Now on Isla, I never take the first cab. In Cancun – get what you can. So as we are strolling towards the Taxi guys, I make eye contact with a few, and they couldn’t hold my gaze – all they saw was fast money. Now the older dude who held my gaze approached me cautiously as I walked towards him. Fate.

Nady nudged me and said – I thought you never take the first taxi.

I don’t but I like the looks of this guy and his taxi is spotless.

Catz: ¿El Hotel de Quanto Y maya Justo, la Zona Hotelo, el cuarto Chicas?

I broke his serious look…I hope I said that right.

Driver: Belly laugh and $30.

Thank goodness he spoke English, broken but it was English. Jackie – it’s your turn to speak so she carried the conversation in Spanish. I’m up front the ladies in the back. I gave him the address and we headed off into THE TOURISTA ZONE – EWWW Cancun. Before I left the States, I did a Google Drive up the Main drag of the Hotel Zone and had a general idea where our hotel was. It wasn’t going to be easy to find as the diver never heard of it. But since I had the mile marker, it seemed like forever reaching our destination.

My Chicas didn’t want to make a decision on where to stay in Cancun, like I ever have so they left it up to me to find accommodations. One night. Close to the airport. On the Strip. They would split the cost. Uh-huh.

I found Maya Fair Boutique Hotel. $75 US or $107 Pesos. One Night. Unique atmosphere – a converted shopping mall now a brand new hotel. No wonder our driver couldn’t find it. An hour later, we start circling one particular area and WHAM- there’s a giant Mayan Statue. Must be the place. The driver pulls up and unloads our gear. During our ride to the hotel, our driver asked the usual questions, where ya from, where ya going, when ya leaving, are ya gay (haha), do you need me to pick you up to take you to the airport. YES please – we need to be at the airport by 7AM. He would be there at 5:30AM. See? Fate.

As we are walking towards the entrance: Why is there a woman lugging one hundred pounds of luggage out of a taxi while her husband/boyfriend fiddles with a baby stroller? Where’s the baby is what I’m wondering. Still in the cab…with a serious cough.

There’s a tree growing out of the corner of the building, two giant Mayan statues, an escalator, steps, a sign that says Welcome, four puzzled Chicas and off we go. Acting like I knew what I was doing, I lead the way, got us checked in as the girls took everything in. The woman with all the luggage is checking in as the husband/boyfriend is rocking the baby. They have been on a month long Mayan Riviera trip up the coast and yes, she’s been in charge of everything, including breastfeeding. She looks like she could use a vacation from her vacation.

The Check Out Girl is friendly enough and welcomes us to the hotel which has been open only two month. She whispers a choice of rooms we can choose from – seeing the choices, point at a particular suite and holler “Hell to the yeah”!! This Boutique has a different name/theme per room . The girls ask me what I am so excited about. I just lick the fingers on my left hand and say YUM – follow me.

We are in The David Beckham Suite.

Happy Chicas!!!! We enter into a modern room – shower & toilet are open – hey been together a week, I think I’ve seen your panani ‘s and boobs enough not to be embarrassed at this point. Nady is in heaven as we all drool over Mr. Beckham’s pecks, abs, eyes, etc.

Good choice Cathey!! Two Queen beds, color TV, a liquor store across the street, shopping around the corner, the beach in the opposite direction. Yeah, happy campers!

While they relax and unwind, I take photos and have a smoke – we decide to go out in a few hours to do the EWWW Cancun thang.

Do I see what I think I see in these carvings? Yes!!!

Hours later……..

We meander through this end of town, noting our location in case we are too tipsy to remember where we are. Never made it to the beach. We hit the giant tourist shop with nick-knacks and trinkets and stuff you couldn’t and wouldn’t use at home but can’t leave without it. 2 hours later, we have a nice stash of stuff. There are SOLDIERS on every corner, drunks wandering up and down the streets, some asleep on benches (yeah – they are going to miss their flights in the morning). We saw guys asleep on benches when we were trying to find our hotel. If this is Cancun’s Spring Break, leave me on Isla.

We wandered trying to find a place to eat – saw the prices of some of the locations and moved on. Hey, where’s Senor Frogs? We get directions when Kodi is getting a Henna Tattoo. As soon as her tattoo was completed some “bitch” slams into her and smudges her tattoo – too many cops around to kick some serious ass but Kodi was pissed. At least she could have said excuse me!!

And those clubs we saw on the internet? $40 to enter online $65 in reality to be shoved in with 2,000 twenty something’s – no thanks so we wander a half mile on foot to Senor Frogs. NOVELTY GALOR – I just need to pee. We get our names on the list to wait and cruise through their shop. Kodi gets t-shirts and stuff, I don’t want anything, Nady & Jackie wander as well.

Our names get called and we get seated and admire all the cutesy stuff hanging on the walls, ceiling, etc. We get a menu and I can’t believe Kodi just paid $7 for a Sol when she paid $2 on Isla. And they want $14 for a plain hot dog? I’m sorry ladies but I’m ready to bolt. I’m not paying for atmosphere – they checked out the menu and agreed. The Waiter was miffed that we were leaving but I told him the prices are waaaaaaaay too high for what they are offering. He called over the Hostess, acting like she was gonna get all up in my cheese, when I stood up and said, it’s too pricey and we were leaving. Tried to get us to stay with half price watered down margaritas. I’m no fool (that’s another topic) and I lead the way out to nasty looks from the Waiter and Hostess. What? You work for commission?

So, we haul it back to where we started, hungry and hating every bit of this part of Cancun. We had passed earlier a taco stand that served stuff we recognized from Isla Mujeres. Nady, Jackie and I spent a total of $12 for tacos, the elusive and perfect Torta for Jackie, Sandia’s and Horchatas. And if you can believe it, Kodi went to McDonalds!!!Tastes the same all over the world. We even ate our stuff in front of McDonald’s. Kinda funny actually.

Not an Isla meal but a meal. We take our time walking back to the hotel. Kodi needs batteries since hers got taken at the Mexico City Airport (don’t make me re-live it – dreading tomorrow cuz we’re doing it in reverse). We understand why they took her batteries. You pay for them by the PIECE not the pack. $4 for one AA battery – I had to laugh, roll my eyes and laugh some more.

I think we’re all a bit tired of Cancun, tired from our manic week on Isla and just ready to chill until 4:30AM. I get a Starbucks (same price, cute Barista), we window shop and take some photos ON the statues, then head in for the night, tequila, smokes, memories, TV and bedtime.

But as you can see, we love us some Beckham....

But we hate Cancun…EWWWW…